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Italy is famous for a lot of things. One of these things is their excellent COFFEE.

I don’t think there is a country on this planet that has such a variety of coffee as Italy has.

Off course you all know the Espresso (or just ‘caffè’ as the italians say) and the Cappuccino. And maybe the Italy-lovers among us might even know the Caffè Lungo (‘Long Coffee’; more coffee than normal so more caffeine. It’s the coffee how they drink it in the USA or North&Central Europe)Caffè Ristretto (‘Short Coffee’; less coffee than normal, sometimes just a few ‘drops’. To be honest this is the most Italian of all and hard to find outside Italy)Caffè Corretto (with a bit of Grappa or other liquor in it), or the Caffè Macchiato (with a ‘stain’ of milk in it).

But did you know that there are at least other 20 types of coffee? Not to mention the beverages based on coffee such as the famous Caffelatte or Latte Macchiato.

Let me just finish by saying: ITALIANS LOVE COFFEE!!! …. (and I can’t blame them).

6 thoughts on “LOTS OF COFFEE”

  1. Hoi Letizia,

    Ik volg jouw italiaanse avontuur al jaren via de verhalen van je moeder. Leuk om ze nu ook uit de eerste hand te vernemen. Blijf bloggen, ik volg je,
    Groet van Petra

  2. I am with you I like the italian coffee too, specially the ristretto but in Austria we have also a great variety of coffee and also great tradition in drinking coffee, you should visit vienna once 🙂

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