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One of the other things that Italy is famous for is their PIZZA! And I’m addicted to it….

Yesterday I went out for a pizza with my German colleague. As I had to go to the airport Milano Malpensa later that evening we decided to go to Gallarate (only 5 km from the airport!). I have my favourite pizzeria there: Grotta Azzurra (Blue Cave). They make real good pizza’s! If you ever have a stop at Milano Malpensa you must try it out.

Yesterday I got the ‘pizza spaziale’ with grilled vegetables and spicy salami. Yummie!! The pizza is big but not too big, the crust thin but not too thin and very important, it is richly endowed but not too much. Lately you also have the possibility to get a pizza made of Kamut (Khorasan wheat). It’s easier to digest and is has a higher percentage of lipids then pizza’s made of modern wheat. I already know which pizza I will get next time….

Tip:      Grotta Azzura – Viale Milano, Gallarate – closed on Tuesday’s.


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