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BARD – Valle d’Aosta

BARD is a little village (only 135 residents!) in the south-east of Valle d’Aosta, close to Piemonte.

It is famous for its fort (Forte di Bard) which was constructed between 1830 and 1838 and surrounded by mountains. Quite romantic actually. Obviously when me and my love visited Bard we visited the fort as well. Walking all the way to the top you have amazing views over the valley. If you don’t feel like walking you can go up by using the outdoor elevators. The fort also hosts the Alps Museum. Interesting museum that describes everything about the Alps. Even for children it’s fun as they have a special “Alpine section of the boys” to encourage younger people to climbing.

The centre of this small place is real nice and worth visiting. It has a lot of shops with handmade wood carvings or  delicious local specialties. Once you have visited Bard, go out to explore the surroundings as it is famous for the many castles! I will tell you more about that next time.

Tip:       Hotel Ad Gallias **** – Bard

It’s a lovely hotel with Spa facilities. Try out their restaurant as it serves excellent refined food!

Find out where Bard is located:

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  1. hi letizia- karen told me about your blog- just had to check it out- just came from hiking with her this morning! Love the blog so far :)! Karen is coming over this afternoon and she and i will be watching the Super Bowl! Of course, I prepared food for the 2 of us! We just like watching the tv ads and of course the half time show -madonna is performing! Wish you and the love of your life were here; ) ! – dina fr. cali

    1. Hi Dina,
      How are you? Where did you go hiking?? Pasadena area? And how was the Super Bowl? Oh how we wish to be there as well…..we still talk about it 🙂
      Happy to hear that you like my blog so far….
      Well hope to see you both here some day…so I can show you around 😉
      Love, letizia

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