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BERGAMO – Lombardia

Yesterday we went to visit BERGAMO¬†with our friends. With the cable car we went up to the upper city (or the old town as they call it as well). Walking through the narrow streets…it’s really such a beautiful part of Bergamo! From here you can also take a second cable car to get to the point where you have a breathtaking view on both ‘Bergamo Alta’ and ‘Bergamo Bassa’. Don’t leave Bergamo without seeing this!!

The modern part of Bergamo is ‘Bergamo Bassa’. Here you’ll find the shopping district… So never a dull moment in Bergamo ūüėČ

Bergamo is a beautiful city in the region Lombardia with more than 121.000 residents. It is located about 40km northeast of Milan. The city is divided into 2 parts: Bergamo Alta (the upper city / old town) and Bergamo Bassa (the lower city).

Find out where Bergamo is located:

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