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Genuine Blogger Award

Today I got nominated for 2 awards: GENUINE BLOGGER AWARD and SUNSHINE BLOG AWARD. Sam of nominated me. Sam writes a lovely blog about her trip to Europe last year, and includes her 2 black dogs (I really like this fact!), photography, travel and food in it. Check it out yourself!!

Obviously I want to thank Sam so much for nominating me twice. Sam, I genuinely appreciate this as it is , just how you said, an acknowledgement!

A big thanks also to the rest of my followers and visitors for ‘liking’ my posts and commenting and for being involved. I’m more than happy that people from…everywhere…like my blog. Your interest motivates me and makes blogging for me even more fun than it already is! So thank you, you rock!!

PS: I got nominated before for the Sunshine Blog Award – see my post on the 29th of March.

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