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If the weather is ok this coming Monday for Easter we will go to have a walk in the mountains… To get in the mood (not that I really need that) today I post about a great mountain walk we did last year: ALPE DEVERO.

ALPE DEVERO (Verbania – Piemonte) is located far north in Piemonte, bordering to Switzerland at 1631 m.a.s.l.

It’s the starting point of various mountain walks. All the trails are well-marked and you can choose yourself the length or level of difficulty. We walked up to the Lake of the Fairies ‘Lago delle Fate’ (see photo 3,4,5 and 6) and the Lake Devero ‘Lago di Devero’ (see last photo) also called Codelago. Wonderful places to relax completely!

Along the way you will find the so-called Rifugio (shelter) to have lunch. Typical is the Polenta which you can eat in various ways. It gives you a good base for a brisk walk!

If we go Monday I will post about it later on. For now I wish you all a HAPPY EASTER – BUONA PASQUA!!!

Find out where Alpe Devero is located:

48 thoughts on “MOUNTAIN WALK”

  1. Brilliant! Funny coz my husband and I are going on a mountain walk on Monday. I have taken a break from cooking elaborate meals since yesterday and have been hitting the outdoors since yesterday. Such a beautiful weather down under here. Have fun if your plan pushes through. Happy Easter! 🙂

    1. That’s funny! Here the weather isn’t that good at the moment so hopefully we can go Monday…I have been looking forward to it so much! Have a nice walk Monday and Happy Easter! 🙂

  2. wat een schitterende foto’s weer. Vooral die laatste en de 3de van onderen vind ik buitengewoon mooi. Goed voor te stellen dat je daar graag heen wilt !! liefs

    1. The weather wasn’t that good unfortunately..cold and cloudy…we went anyway but we didn’t walked that much. After lunch the sun came out and walked a bit! Well, will go back there so next time I’ll hike a bit more 😉

  3. Another magical place 🙂 Now you’ve made me excited about my holiday in Austrian Alps this summer :). I am looking forward to seeing your pics from Monday.

  4. These pics are amazing. I so want to visit Italy one day. I’m trying to talk my better half into it. I WILL wear him down. 😀

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