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In the surroundings of Chiusa di San Michele you can find the beautiful LAKE AVIGLIANA (Lago di Avigliana) devided in Big Lake (Lago Grande) and Small Lake (Lago Piccolo) even though I must admit that both are pretty small. So small that they’re not even really indicated on the map! Nevertheless, it’s worth visiting…

When we were visiting my family in Chiusa di San Michele this Easter (see previous post) we decided to take a walk around the lake. The Big Lake is located at only 7 km from Chiusa di San Michele so you are there in no-time! If you want, you can also bring you’re own food and have lunch in the fields around the lake. Especially for Easter you won’t be the only one!

Find out where Lake Avigliana is located:

For the next  4 days I won’t be in Italy. We are going on a little trip to Poland. We will be visiting Cracow and most important Auschwitz…For this reason I might not respond immediately. But after the weekend I’ll be back posting about the ‘unknown’ Italy! See you soon…


  1. Lago di Avigliana is a lovely place, and the sun seems to shine all the time in your part of the world.

    Enjoy Cracow, it’s a beautiful city.

    (I carry a tiny grey pebble in my wallet which I picked up outside Block 11 at Auschwitz 1. When things get crappy it reminds me that they can always get far, far worse, and puts everything else into perspective)

    1. Thank you finn…no, the sun doesn’t always shine here…BUT when it does I always go out…and take pics ofcourse ;)!

      Just came back from our trip to Cracow which is a wonderful city by the way. I loved it!!! Our visit to Auschwitz was, how could I subscribe it, extreme. Very interesting and amazed by the cruelty even though I already knew this. It’s still different walking there and especially see all their belongings…all their hair, shoes, glasses, etc. Don’t have any words for it. I feel blessed that I was able to do this trip, because it’s is a part of history that must NEVER be forgotten!!!

      Too bad that I see your comment only now, because otherwise I think I would have taken a pebble as well. Didn’t think of it to be honest.

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