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I got tagged by Paula of Thanks Paula for tagging me and for the question!

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First of all, I will reply to Paula’s question: “If you didn’t live in Italy, where would you like to live?”

Well, I can be quick in replying…Southern California! I just loved it there. Among various reasons: the temperature is perfect (hot but no sweating) and the sense of freedom due to space is priceless!!

Now my nominees and the questions for them:

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      1. Most of the people I knew have moved away and there are so many other places to see. I always talk about going back home to see how things are, but I’m afraid that it might ruin wonderful childhood memories. I moved away when I was 14.

  1. Wow, thank you so much for thinking of me! I am flattered. As I am leaving town for a bit in the coming days my blog queue is at capacity so I hope you wont mind if I cannot post my answer there immediately.
    I will say right here that my answer must remain Rome. I may indeed spend more time in the country and small towns, but as for cities in Italy Rome still holds my heart. Thank you so very much for this and for being so supportive of my work.
    All the best,

    1. Thanks Michael!! Don’t worry, I was just very curious about the answer as you’ve seen quite a lot in Italy! Rome is indeed WONDERFUL. I couldn’t live there for the simple reason that it’s so not organized. In the beginning (my first year in Italy I lived there) I loved it, but now that I’m settling down and so…I learned that I’m also very Dutch in a lot of things… 😉

      1. You know more than likely I would end up in Piemonte because of the ease of access to the rest of Europe and the nature of the people. Rome is my first love and therefore I still adore the chaos but not sure I would live in it for an extended period of time. We are almost certainly coming to Italia to live our summers beginning next year and we are looking at Piemonte at the moment. Suggestions?

        1. Really? That’s great. Of course I can suggest the area around Lake d’Orta. You are close to Lake Maggiore as well (even though I prefer Lake d’Orta). Close to the National Park Val Grande…for a bit of hiking. But close to Switzerland in general for mountain walks…In the surroundings in direction of Novara you will also have wineyards (see 2 posts in February)…

          1. I am thinking Alba, Asti, or Bra for a base but could be convinced to the country so long as it is not a crazy drive to an airport. The key is being where English is not so prevalent so you may be on to something in the country. This is why I am also considering Abruzzo 🙂 My email is and I would love to begin a proper dialog 🙂

  2. Hello Leti :). I was surprised to read your answer :D. Have you been to Southern California already? You never cease to surprise me 😀 Way to go, girl! 😀

    1. LOL…happy to hear that! Yes, I’ve been there last summer visiting my cousin who lives there. It was a trip I wanted to do for a lot of years and last year we finally got the chance. Me and my love both fell in love with the place, so we will definitely go back there in the future!! Can’t wait to be honest 😀

  3. What a brilliant idea and I love your questions!I’ve recently posted a question tag game so I’m sorry but I don’t think I had better post another right now. But I’m happy to answer my question 🙂 Malaysia is my favourite destination because it has everything. Wonderful cities, wildlife and rainforest,beaches with snorkelling and diving opportunities and friendly welcoming people. My number one dream holiday though is Mali but I probably won’t ever have enough money!

    1. Oh that sounds really great! The only sad thing of traveling is indeed that it costs a lot of money… 🙁 Well, maybe you win the lottery some never know! Thank you anyway for replying because I was curious to know the answer!! 😀

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