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Today I present to you a red wine that has been awarded many times since it was produced in 1892: “BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO DOCG 2005”. It is the most important wine in the Barbi Farm Fattoria dei Barbi for over a century.

This wine is made with 100% Sangiovese grapes and it has been aged in small-medium size oak barrels for the first months. After that the aging is completed in larger oak barrels for a total of 2 years and then is bottled.

You should serve this wine at a temperature of 18°C and is perfect with main courses of red meat or well seasoned cheeses.

The Barbi Farm is located in the lovely region Tuscany Toscana in the place called Montalcino. It has been bought in 1790 by the Colombini family and nowadays it’s run by Stefano Cinelli Colombini.

It is possible to visit the cellar of the Barbi Farm. Daily wine cellar tours are organized for singles or groups. For more information visit:




  1. Oh yes!! Thank you for this … I’ll be looking out for it … I used to live close to Montalcino, and we had our own grapes from which we made the “best” wine!!! So I can attest to the quality of the grapes grown in the region ..

  2. I need to share this information with my older sister, assuming this is sold in the United States. What do you recommend in white wines? I don’t particularly care for many red wines. 🙂 Actually, I don’t dink much of anything with alcohol in it anymore, so really, I ask out of curiosity. But, I’m sure my sister would love the heads up. She enjoys wine daily.

    1. I’m not sure if it’s sold in the United States but it wouldn’t surprise me. You can send the link of their website to your sister, so she can have a look! Or via my blog ofcourse…I would say stay tuned and I will definitely post about white wines as well 😀

      1. Guess what – I found a supplier in Cambridge. It’s eye-wateringly expensive here but I talked myself into it and then went to my favourite cheese shop and bought some very ripe gorgonzola and fat juicy olives to go with it.

        Thanks Letizia, it was indeed a fine recommendation!

        1. That’s great!!! I’m happy you liked it even though you might have liked the price a bit less. Must say that even in Italy it isn’t a ‘cheap’ wine…so I can imagine it’s worse outside of Italy. You did a great job buying some cheese and olives along with it :D. And thanks a lot Finn of letting me know. Appreciate it a lot!!

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