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My absolute favourite home-made pizza is PIZZA CORN & BRIE – Pizza Mais & Brie“.

I know what you might think now… corn and brie (french cheese); what a crazy combination! But it’s really delicious. I sometimes also order it when we go out for a pizza, but they do not always have either the corn or the brie. So if we make our own pizza at home we always go for this one. And I just can’t get enough of it!

Is there any of you, dear readers, who has tried this type of pizza?? Would love to know it, so just leave a comment.

That’s one of those great things of living in Italy; you don’t need to make the crust by yourself, you can easily buy it and still have a delicious pizza. Easy if you don’t have a lot of time for cooking!

And now the award part…






I would like to thank Sam of Two Black Dogs for nominating me for the KREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD. Sam, it’s an honour to get nominated. For me it means that my blog is appreciated and that’s such a wonderful feeling! I can’t thank you all enough for visiting and/or following my blog. You make blogging so much fun!! I do appreciate every ‘like’ and every comment so much! THANK YOU, BEDANKT, GRAZIE! Oh, and don’t forget to check out Sam’s blog!!!

As I have been nominated before, I will change the rules a little bit. Sorry I know that one is not supposed to do that, but well for this time I’m showing you the Italian part in me instead of my Dutch part….

If you click here you can read 7 things about me. Just 1 other thing that I haven’t shared yet:

  1. My father was born in Isili on the island Sardegna (Italy). I still have family living there. I will take you with me to some amazing places on this island via my blog later on…

I will pass this award through to a blog I really enjoy reading for a while now: The Blissful Adventurer  Michael writes a fantastic blog about his adventures in eating, living and photography…..and a lot about Italy!

26 thoughts on “HOME MADE PIZZA & AWARD”

    1. My mom said the same thing and to be honest me too before I tried it…after the first pizza corn & brie I just loved it (my mom too by the way). So just give it a go and let me know!! 🙂

  1. Hi!! I have never thought of a pizza like that… My boss however always makes this corn and cream cheese side dish every year at Thanksgiving here at work. It looks like yours once yours was melted. YUM!! May have to try that! Have a Blessed Night!

  2. Ciao Leti 🙂 I can see corn, brie and some other unidentified cheese!!! It looks delicious apart from having like zillion calories. Congrats on your award 🙂

  3. I am so honored you would think of me and to single me out of this amazing talent pool is just amazing. I will definitely accept this award and while it may be awhile before I get to fulfilling the details (because I am in Italy most of this month) I will be smiling the rest of today because of this. Very kind of you and I also am a fan of Sam’s blog.
    Cheers to Italia and la bella vita!

    1. I’m happy I could make you smile. You do have a great blog so it wasn’t that difficult for me 😉
      Don’t worry, it ‘s no problem to post about it later on… Maybe you should check out my first post about it (in March) for ‘the rules’ even though I didn’t obey them this last time 😉
      Cheers to ‘la bella vita’ indeed 😀

  4. I’m normally a lover of more traditional pizza toppings but this looks really yummy and I’ve always loved corn so I might have to give it a try.

    As for the award, you’re most welcome, you really do deserve it even though I put on weight just looking at the lovely food photos on your blog 😉

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