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Many Italians have their breakfast at the bar. Just before going to work they order a coffee (un caffè) or a cappuccino with a croissant (un brioche). You won’t see them sit down very often. Normally they remain standing having their breakfast in only a few minutes. This is what I call a typical ITALIAN BREAKFAST.

Personally I never have my breakfast at the bar. I just have it at home. Only on Saturday we go out to get croissants which we take home by the way. Just around the corner we have a delicious pasticceria who make amazingly good croissants. It is all freshly made and even the filling they make themselves. You can choose between a croissant with pastry cream (un brioche alla crema), a croissant with chocolate (un brioche al cioccolato), a croissant with jam (un brioche alla marmellata) or just an empty one (vuoto). My personal favourite is the one with the pastry cream. But only at this particular pasticceria where the pastry cream is freshly made and you definitely taste that!!

This pasticceria also has a lot of other delicious treats. If you ever pass by Borgomanero, do stop to have breakfast here and take home some of their biscuits. They are so good!

Pasticceria DUELLA – Via Maggiora 31, 28021 Borgomanero.

20 thoughts on “ITALIAN BREAKFAST”

    1. In Italy they don’t eat that much for breakfast. Lunch however is way more…In Italy lunch is seen as the most important meal of the day….
      Oh, porridge with blueberries and banana sounds good to me 🙂

      1. Beautiful picts & food! Still, you’ll really become Italian and know Italian breakfast when you start appreciate “caffè latte e biscotti”! 😉 Enjoy Italy, love your blog!

  1. Wij gaan zeer binnenkort naar het noorden van Toscane op vakantie en zullen onderweg een aantal keer ergens overnachten. Bedankt voor de tip.

    1. Hoi! Volgend weekend komt er ook een post met een heel leuk hotelletje hier in Borgomanero…Misschien een idee 😉 Bedankt voor het bezoeken van mijn blog!! En alvast een super vakantie gewenst! Toscana is schitterend!!! 😀

  2. Looks so YUMMY! I wish America would adapt an European way of eating. American’s eat way too much and its even worse here in Texas. They say everything is BIGGER in Texas and that not only pertains to the land…. these big meals are taking a toll on our society. I have recently been trying to eat only fresh foods and leaving the fast food alone. I love to cook so it isn’t as hard for me but I know so many people that do not cook.
    Anyway, I love your blog… Keep up the GREAT WORK! 🙂

    1. Hi CHristi, thanks for your share regarding the breakfast in the US, and especially Texas. I can not immagine that one doesn’t cook. That is so strange to me. Ok, it happens that we don’t cook and go out for a pizza and once in a while a hamburger or so….but that’s occasionally. It’s so normal for us to cook….I don’t know anyone (not in Holland or in Italy) that never cooks 🙂 We (Luca and I) even cook our lunch the evening before… Good for you to cook more and stop eating fast food!!! It is so not healthy! But you already know that ofcourse…
      Once again thanks for your share!! And thanks so much for your compliment 😀 Truly appreciated!!

      1. Letti, ( I hope I spelled that right) I have been cooking since I was 12 yrs old and my 20 year old daughter can cook almost anything that I cook. but I do work in Dallas and for a lawfirm so I am around people all the time that do NOT cook and they have children that are almost to their teens and they still haven’t learned to cook for them. There is so much consumption of McDonald’s, Chili’s, Taco Bell… I could go on and on.
        My boyfriend never ate anything other than meat and potatoes before we met. :O I can’t believe that. lol. Anyway, I cook alot of vegetable and he likes 90% of what I cook. This makes me happy. He has also started cooking and being my sidekick while I’m in the kitchen. Have a nice day tomorrow … I know its late your time so Sweet Dreams. lol

        1. It is nice indeed if your love likes what you prepare ;)! And I think it’s very good of you to cook even though so many around you don’t. Would be easier to go along with them, I guess…. Have a nice day…Here it’s already evening so my love is about to cook 🙂

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