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Today, in the afternoon, we visited the SACRED MOUNTAIN OF VARALLO “Sacro Monte di Varallo”. This sanctuary was founded in 1491 and is the oldest Italian and foreign constructions of its kind! It was built on a rocky foundation at 608 masl and sores just above the historic center of the town Varallo. It is really something else…

When you arrive you enter the first zone; a huge sloping garden with various chapels along the path. They tell the story of Christ, from the annunciation until his arrival in Bethlehem. Even if you are not religious, you will find it impressive as some chapels are really beautiful. Not to mention the wooden and terracotta statues. And there are plenty of them…more than 800! The second zone should represent the city of Jerusalem and has besides various chapels also palazzi and porticos. It gives you the feeling indeed to be walking around a small city (with 45 chapels in total)! That’s what makes this one so different from the others.

The basilica is located on the ‘main square’. Even though the Sacro Monte is open at all hours, the basilica is only open from 8 to 12.20 and from 14.15 to 18.30. Everywhere, but especially on the main square you will find many people drawing the most beautiful paintings. I’ll dedicate my next post to this, so don’t miss it.

Right next to the Basilica you will find the hotel Albergo Casa del Pellegrino**. A lovely hotel surrounded by the splendour of the Sacro Monte. You can decide if you want B&B, half board or full board. At the entrance of this cultural gem you will find another hotel Vecchio Albergo Sacro Monte ***. To find more information you can visit both websites or send me an email.

If you want to go up by car you just follow the signs from the center of Varallo and park your car at the entrance, lose to the Hotel “Vecchio Albergo Sacro Monte”. You can also choose to leave your car in the centre of Varallo and go up by cable car. The price for a round trip is €3 per person (children until 6 years are free of charge) and it’s open from 9 to 18 (till 19 on Saturday, Sunday and holidays).

Of course you must visit the lovely city Varallo as well. I will tell you all about it and show you some photo’s in my second next post!

Hotel: Albergo Casa del Pellegrino

Hotel: Vecchio Albergo Sacro Monte

Find out where Sacro Monte di Varallo is located:


  1. Another fabulous tour of a special part of Italy. I have visited Sacra Monte above Lago de Orta, and this one seems even more incredible … I’m definitely going out that way as soon as I have some free time …

    I also want to thank you for nominating me for the Illuminating Blogger Award. I’m still reeling from the shock!!! Thank you so much.

  2. wat een schitterende foto’s! En wat een prachtige omgeving! En dat zo dichtbij huis !! papa’ en mamma

    1. Mooi he…en voor papa is het de ideale plek….ik denk dat je hem hier vaak zal vinden met mede schilderaars als jullie eenmaal hier wonen…hahaha. Maandag zal ik daarover schrijven, dus zeg dat maar tegen pa 🙂 Luca zegt iedere keer als we ergens naartoe gaan: hier moeten we je ouders mee naartoe nemen, maar ja het is steeds niet mooi weer genoeg geweest toen jullie hier waren 🙁 …

        1. Don’t worry at all…but I’m happy that it left you speechless…that’s a compliment for me!! I was just checking out your latest post…and you’re new website (obviously following that one as well 😉 ) so I’m going to back there to leave a comment 🙂

  3. Italy is gorgeous, as is evident in every one of your posts. And you photos are breathtaking. I love the way you threw the little lizard shot in there to show him off and to see if we were paying attention. Marvelous post, once again, especially with the map to show where we are in this wonderful world we live in. Thank you, Letizia for another marvelous share.

    1. Thanks once more for your great comments!! And for your appreciation 🙂 And you’re right, we live in a wodnerful world. We only need to open our eyes and live it!! Have a wonderful week!! 😀

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