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As I already wrote in my earlier post Sacred Mountain of Varallo, it’s the prefect place for those who like to paint. From chapels to statues and from the basilica to the gorgeous views, you have it all. That you won’t be the only one, show these photo’s:

They come from all different regions in Italy and even from abroad. A lot of them stay for more days and stay in one of the hotels I mentioned in my earlier post.

Until July there is an exhibition in one of the chapels close to the basilica of the various beautiful paintings.

19 thoughts on “PAINTING DAY”

      1. It’s nice to please the parents. 🙂
        My family started collecting street art from the various places we visited across Europe. (And I’ll be doing a post on that, eventually!)

  1. Letizia, sono delle bellissime foto. Sicuramente mi troverei a mio agio tra quei pittori ! continua cosi. Babbo

    1. Hahaha, ik dacht wie is nou babbo?? Zat aan een naam te denken… 🙂 Ja ik dacht al dat deze post je zou aanspreken. Ik heb ma al gewaarschuwd dat je hier vaak te vinden zal zijn als jullie hier wonen, hahaha! Leuk dat je een berichtje hebt gepost 🙂 X

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