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Today my last post about my visit to the Sacred Mountain of Varallo. After walking around for some time at the Sacro Monte I really wanted to visit the town Varallo as well. It’s also known as Varallo Sesia as it is located in the Valsesia. It’s a lovely town divided by the Mastallone stream in 2 boroughs; Varallo Vecchia (old part) and Varallo Nuovo (the new part). I’m always more attracted to the old parts of a town to be honest…and so we visited that part.

We’ve spent the afternoon walking around and as it was pretty warm that day we enjoyed an ice-cream as well. I’m lucky that Luca just loves ice-creams and always knows where to get the best ice-creams in town. In this case Gelateria FRIGIDARIUM. I took one with Nocciolato and Strawberry flavour….delicious! Just make sure you don’t miss this spot if you visit Varallo! For the rest I recommend you to just walk around and enjoy everything you see…

Varallo (Vercelli – Piemonte) is located at 456 masl and has a bit more than 7500 residents. The town is surrounded by the foothills of the alps and close to the Monte Rosa. It lies on the left bank in the Valley of the Sesia (Valsesia) where the Mastallone stream flows into the Sesia. The Sacro Monte is located 150 meters above the town and is one of the most famous pilgrimage sites of Piemonte.

Find out where Varallo is located:

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18 thoughts on “VARALLO…THE TOWN”

  1. It’s all been said by other commenters– or has it?

    I love the Gelato Girl at the Gelateria Frigidarium– what an awesome name that is– she has an almost bored, been-there-done-that-how-long-is-that-line-out-the-door? expression that is priceless. You didn’t get her name, did you?

  2. Looks lovely. And the ice cream.. Or gelato… Mmmm. Lol. That lil pancake thing on the side looks like something I had in Amsterdam?? You know the pancake thingy with the syrup in the middle. I can’t remember what they are called. But they were delicious. 🙂 hanged a great weekend Letizia!!

    1. Hi Christi, I think you mean the STROOPWAFEL!! Oh those are indeed so delicious!! This one on the ice cream is more a biscuit though…not as good as the stroopwafel 😉 But the ice cream was really really good :). Have a great weekend too!

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