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After you visit the Toce Falls drive a bit more north to visit the Morasco Dike “La Diga di Morasco” and its artificial lake (1828 masl). The dike is 525 meters long and 55 meters high. As I mentioned in my earlier post about the Toce Falls, the water from the Toce river is collected here in Lake Morasco (Lago di Morasco) and used for hydroelectric purposes.

If you want you have plenty of possibilities to walk around. Well-marked walking trails will bring you to other lakes and small towns in the surroundings with stunning views. You can even go by mountain bike on some of the trails. Just on the right side where the dike starts you will find the following map:

An idea for a perfect day in the Val Formazza could be:

  • Start your day with a delicious lunch at restaurant La Genzianella .
  • Drive to the bottom of the Toce Falls where you can walk to it and stand right in front of these stunning falls! You can leave the car just before the first tunnel on the right and walk across the street.
  • After you have enjoyed the falls from here, drive to the top of the falls and get amazed by the gorgeous views you have from this point! You can leave the car at the parking lot (you can’t miss it!).
  • Walk up to the Morasco Dike and Lake.
  • From here you can decide if you want to take another trail or that you want to go back to your car…Whatever you decide a wonderful day is guaranteed!!

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