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Unfortunately I reached number 5 in my personal top 5 most beautiful beaches in and around Praia A Mare. Unfortunately, because I love these beaches; I love the extreme clear blue water, the rocks and the quietness! My number 5 is the beach called Fiuzzi and is located in Praia A Mare. Or better said: it’s the beach of Praia A Mare!! Curious? I will show you the beach immediately:

With a view on Isola Dino

Another view on Isola Dino… There are 3 caves you can visit. They say it’s really awesome to do so. We wanted to take a pedalo’ and visit these caves, but unfortunately we couldn’t leave our stuff behind as we were just the 2 of us. If we go back and we’ll be in company we definitely want to visit it!! 

The only negative thing about this beach is that it’s all paid parking. But your car is secure, so it’s not all negative…

Now that I showed you my top 5, I would love to know if you agree with me or if you would have changed my top 5…so I invite you all to leave a comment and let me know how your top 5 would be with these wonderful 5 beaches!!

Find out where Praia A Mare is located:

Well you all know by now where it’s located, right?

8 thoughts on “TOP 5 MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACHES – #5”

  1. I do agree with all your choices Letizia! You are right, I recognize your description of these beaches as I know them very well, I spent already much time on them…! But I also have to say, that if you come in springtime or in September, October one can really enjoy the beauty of them, the silence, the pure colors of the sky and sea, all only nature, well, it feels just….heavenly! So, for now I don’t know any other beaches than those you named already, in this region at least. Certainly, there are also beautiful beaches down in the south of Calabria. Tropea for example. Thanks for the beautiful pictures you made!

    1. Thanks so much Elly for your comments as indeed you know these beaches so well!! We’re thinking about coming in September next year, so I will let you know then the difference 🙂 I would love to know your opinio on other aspects of this part of Calabria, so soon I’ll ask you and can’t wait to share the interview with you here on my blog!! Buon divertimento in Praia A Mare e a presto!!

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