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This wine was a gift from Luca’s client and as we discovered itΒ to beΒ a really good Piedmontese wine I wanted to share it with you tonight. I know I need to make up for my post-less Wednesday and thought I could do that with a wine…Β Who can remain dissapointed about yesterday when seeing another tasteful wine? I thought so…nobody! So I proudly present this red wine from my surroundings:

BOCA DOC – Azienda Agricola Marcodini – Borgomanero

Like the other wines I’ve presented to you also this one is perfect with seasoned cheese. In the photo you can see the typical Piedmontese cheese toma. I’ll dedicate another post to it later on as it absolutely deserves a post of its own! Of course this wine is also very good in combination with grilled red or white meat!

26 thoughts on “VINO-LICIOUS”

      1. I had a Roaring Forties Blue, a brie and Caciotta al tartufo with crostini, dried apricots and fig jam. It was perfect after the long journey home from Munich. I think your wine would have paired nicely with it.

  1. Hello Letizia, it’s been rather too long since I visited and as I glanced down your recent posts it was the one entitled simply ‘VINO-LICIOUS’ that immediately grabbed my eye.

    Your pictures really do the wine justice, and the cheese looks awesome too, what type is it? If I didn’t already have a glass of merlot in my hand I’d be reaching for a bottle πŸ™‚

    1. Hahaha, Hi Finn, thanks for your nice comment as always! Really appreciate it! Maybe you’ve seen my post about the cheese that is called TOMA already..however take a look at my post “Say Cheese”. Wonderful Piedmontese cheese that goes well with all the other wines I’ve presented in my blog πŸ˜‰

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