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Italy has so much to offer…beautiful ancient cities, splendid nature, fantastic language, but if you ask me the best of Italy has to do with food. The food in all regions is just de-li-cious!! You all know I’m a complete pizza-addict (thank god tonight I’m having a girls-night and in Italy that means having a pizza), I love all sorts of pasta, fish dishes, Italian ice-cream, etc. But Italy is also known for yummy deserts. Everyone who has visited Italy has been in a Pasticceria at least once, am I right? Well I love Italy for its pasticcini that’s for sure!

Thousands (ok maybe that’s a bit exaggerated) of different delicious little treats. So many different tastes; chocolate and coffee are my absolute favourites. The thing that surprised me the most, in a good way obviously, is the way they pack these delights. With so much care. They always put a little cardboard to protect the treats as you can see in the photo below. I think it’s genius!! If you ever visit Borgomanero you must try the pasticcini of Pasticceria Gioria. They are the best you can get…

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  1. My son has been declaring for some time now that his favourite place to visit is Italy (did I mention this to you before??). I’m not sure how come he came to this conclusion since I am sure we haven’t talked about Italy much to him. But now he is certain that Italy has the best food – gelato, pasta, pizza and now I must break the news to him that Italy is also home to some of the best desserts and pastries…….Boy, will someone be thrilled! We are probably going to have to make the trip to Italy then! 😀 Thanks for the incentive. Sharon

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