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As I want to do more with my passion for FoodPhotography (and you’re never too young to learn right?) I decided to participate to a monthly photography challenge organized by the amazing Dutch food photographer Simone of Junglefrog Cooking. I must admit I feel a bit intimidated and insecure by looking at all those stunning photo’s Simone and the other judges make, but well, I just give it a go and they always say practice makes perfect, don’t they??

This month’s theme is: ON LOCATION. So I decided to use a photo I made when visiting the Osteria Becco Fino ( see my post about it here). I was able to get a peek in the kitchen where the chef cook Alessandro Sacco was preparing fresh ravioli (one of my favourite pasta!!) with meat filling:

Note: I will be on holiday to the beautiful island Curaçao for the next 2 weeks. Sun, white sand beaches, swimming with dolphins, cocktails and seeing my dear friends after 2 years!! Just can’t wait! For this reason I won’t be posting or updating FB and twitter. A real break….My next post will be on April 3rd! Of course I hope to see you all back then for more ‘unknown’ Italy…


  1. All the photos from Osteria Becco Fino were great you could of used any one of those to participate in the monthly challenge. Hope to see more on Becco Fino in future up and coming posts you have a found really talented person their.Also more photos on White Horse Pizzeria in Maratea and the surronding scenery that was spectacular that would be brilliant.Many thanks John .Ps have agreat holiday.

  2. O how wonderful that you took part this month Letizia! I love taking a peek into the kitchens of restaurants and actually shooting a chef in action is not the easiest task either! So well done on what is usually difficult in terms of lighting and such. Don’t worry about the email not going through. As long as your link is in you’re good to go! Have a fabulous sunny trip to Curaçao !

    1. Hi Simone, thanks for your nice words!! I was pretty lucky with the light as he was standing close to a window, so that helped a bit 🙂 But the styling was very difficult as I couldn’t ask him to move things how I wanted. He was expecting a group so he was a bit in a hurry… I’m really happy to participate as I can learn so much from it! Can’t wait to see the next theme when I’ll be back from my trip…and with the snow coming here this weekend I’m beyond happy to go to see the sun 😀

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