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Even though my mind keeps going back to Curaçao once in a while, my blog is back in Italy! Tonight I’ll give you a tip where to have a lovely lunch with a spectacular view on the lake Maggiore…and not only!

Located in a wooded area you will find the Trattoria San Salvatore. It’s located within the remains of an old monastery in the upper hills near Lesa, on the west side of Lago Maggiore. Here you can enjoy a Piedmontese lunch and have an enchanting view at the same time. They even say that on a clear day you can see the top of the duomo of Milan!!!! I’ve been there twice but unfortunately I haven’t been able to see it yet. Will keep on trying… You can also have dinner if you want but I prefer lunch as you have a ‘clearer’ view over the lake. And if you already had lunch you can also just sit and take a drink and relax!

In the area you can have a nice walk and visit the Sanctuary of San Salvatore and the two chapels. As you will find yourself in a wooded area, in autumn you can even go chestnut hunting here. We found quite a few this past autumn!

Just keep this place in mind when you will visit the west (Piedmontese) side of Lago Maggiore as it is absolutely wort a visit!!!

Find out where San Salvatore is located:


  1. Are you planning your upcoming long weekend trip to the olive orchards during the first couple of weeks of harvest this upcoming fall? You know this is on my dream list to do. If I can’t ,then maybe I can live my dream through you. If you can go and get a tour of the olives getting freshly squeezed and poured over some delicious Tuscan bread at least I could be with you in spirit. I am sorry I have not been in touch, for some strange reason you dropped off my auto e-mail list. I have to get sorted straight away. Take care, BAM

    1. Hi BAM, don’t worry about not being in touch lately…it happens ;)! I’m not sure, but you gave me a wonderful idea, so I just might!! I will definitely let you know if I will, that’s for sure 😀

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