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22 Things Happy People Do Differently

I normally don’t reblog and this article that has been written by “Chiara Fucarino” and has been published on the amazing blog of Lesley Carter has nothing to do with Italy, but nevertheless I love it!! And I thought that once in a while we need to take the time to think about these 22 things…. What about you??

6 thoughts on “22 Things Happy People Do Differently”

  1. After reading the article and identifying with the majority of the points I’ve finally realised that I must be a happy person and I thought I was just a different person.Good article and what about you?

  2. I bet you would be a bit happier if you had been able to try my wood fired pizza today and our home made olives.

  3. Thanks for reblogging this Letizia, I enjoyed reading it. It’s relevant wherever you are in the world – Holland, Italy or elsewhere, and I agree with you that it’s good to take a bit of time to think about these things.

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