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Most of you might know that every month I write an article for the website of a famous Dutch magazine about Italy. My article about the splendid Lago Maggiore was published today! And because most of you aren’t able to read it (as I write in Dutch….) I decided to dedicate tonight’s post about it.

To experience the real Italian life, most people try to avoid tourists while being on holiday in Italy. However, sometime you find yourself immersed by compatriots anyway. A lot of beautiful spots are touristic whether you like it or not. The same goes for the stunning lake Maggiore: an absolute beauty but somewhat touristic at the same time. For those who want to visit this lake (which I absolutely recommend) but don’t want to spend their entire holiday surrounded by tourists, I just might have the solution! The Lago Maggiore Express gives you the possibility to visit this huge lake (212 km² and it extends as far as Switzerland) and its surroundings in only 1 day!

In the morning you take the local train from Arona to Domodossola. Here you change trains and the little train will take you to Locarno (Switzerland) across 100 valleys. You will have many breathtaking views during this trip!! In Locarno you will have a few hours to relax at the lake side, to do some shopping and to have a delicious lunch. After this, you will hop on the boat where you can enjoy the beautiful views from the lake in a 4 hour during trip all the way down to Arona. In the beginning of the evening you’ll be back in Arona.

I really enjoyed this day as you get to see it all; the splendid Lago Maggiore and the amazing valleys in the north-eastern part of the lake. You even get to touch ground in Switzerland! An absolute recommendation…

Unfortunately I didn’t make any photos during my trip, so to give you an impression I’ll show you a few photos from the internet! For more info:

To read my dutch article click here

10 thoughts on “LAGO MAGGIORE IN 1 DAY!”

  1. I love Lago Maggiore, spent a lot of time there as a teenager. But my new favorite is Lago di Como…..was just there, and it still takes my breath away!!! Beautiful article by the way! 🙂

    1. Hi, really? How wonderful! Yes, lago di Como is beautiful as well but I don’t prefer that lake as at Como you don’t really have a nice boulevard…don’t like that…

  2. I did this tour a few years ago and it was a real treat! It was wonderful to visit such beautiful places off the beaten track. We did the train ride first from Arona to Locarno and then took the boat ride back. We especially enjoyed buying a panino and a bottle of wine in Santa Maria Maggiore and eating it in a park! It’s a great recommendation for a fun day on Lago Maggiore!

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