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A new passion was born at Casa Letizia that I really want to share with you all: making and (even more) decorating cupcakes!!! For those who are my FB “friends” might have seen some photo’s on my page.

We all know that cupcakes aren’t Italian. And also these cupcakes don’t have anything Italian to it besides me (half Italian) making them here in Italy. That’s as Italian as they get… Now, you may think I’m a bit late in developing this passion but here in Italy it’s definitely not as ‘known’ as it is in other countries, e.g. The Netherlands. People here only now start hearing about cupcakes and sometimes, not too often, you can see them in a pasticceria.

The idea is to give workshops at people’s homes starting after summer. And I’m very happy that I’ve got my first workshop booked for September! I absolutely can’t wait! Until then I’ll continue practicing and optimizing my decorations…and of course eating these delights!

my very first cupcakes ever:

my second time trying:

these ones I made this last weekend for our picnic @ Stresa (Lago Maggiore):

My next cupcakes will be for the baptism of my nephew in the beginning of June. I will either post about it (if I’m happy with the result…) or just put a photo on my FB page…for those curious.

43 thoughts on “‘ITALIAN CUPCAKES’”

  1. Ze zijn supermooi!! En vast ook lekker! Als ik ooit ga trouwen 😉 wordt de trouwtaart een reuze cupcake a la letizia, yes please 🙂

  2. You have a natural gift for decorating cupcakes. I like making cakes but I don’t like decorating them, I’d happily hand them over to you. Great job and exciting about the course.

    1. Thank you Lorna, that’s so sweet of you to say. I would LOVE to decorate your cakes 😀 Why aren’t you living just around the corner…you bake I decorate…perfect team?? 😉

  3. Letizia, I just had to come by and tell you that these little beauties are amazing! I can see you thoroughly enjoyed making them and the delight they must have brought to those lucky enough to try them! I wish you a world of success with your new ventures! Well done my girl! Sharon

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