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Even though I love Italian food, I sometimes really long for other cuisines! I love Thai food and also Mexican food…yummy!! Unfortunately it’s pretty difficult to find restaurants that serve non-Italian food in my area. But, we do have a delicious Mexican restaurant not far from Borgomanero…lucky me!!! So yesterday my love and I decided to visit (once more) this lovely restaurant in Prato Sesia….EL CORRAL!!

Obviously I forgot to take my camera with me, so unfortunately no photos of the delightful dishes this place serves…nacho’s, fried onion rings, cheese sticks, chicken wings and more to start with. And even though the tortillas and fajitas are very yummy, we are addicted to the grilled “camarones al ajillo” (garlic shrimps) served in tinfoil. It’s so extremely good!! Oh yes, I can absolutely recommend this restaurant for those who like Mexican food and the eastern part of Piemonte. And if anybody knows a good Thai restaurant in Piedmont, please let me know…let me know immediately!

What is your favorite type of food??

El Corral – Via Matteotti, 86 – 28077 Prato Sesia (NO) – +39 163 850545. Oh, it’s best if you make a reservation especially on Saturdays!

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  1. I have mexican several times a week. Texas is directly East of Mexico so I’ve eaten it my whole life. I’m totally addicted. Lol. I also love the many different types of salsa they have. I love trying to make them but I still haven’t mastered It yet. I remember you saying you had Mexican food I Cali. I’m glad you have some good Mexican food to enjoy. But I’m sore you know we Loooove italian food here to

    1. You’re so lucky 😉 Haven’t understood you saying that I had Mexican food I Cali…what does that mean?? Oh and the salsa…yummy!! I do have a cousin who prepares delicious mexican food…unfortunately she lives in LA :(.
      Oh and don’t get me wrong…Italian food is wonderful as well 🙂

      1. lol… Sorry.. I meant that you had Mexican in Cali (California)… Sorry it took me so long to get back. I love to read blogs when I’m not busy or somewhere waiting for some reason…. But my phone gives me a hard time with leaving comments. Oh believe me I so love Italian food and I am so glad we have the internet and tv shows that show us how to make it more authentic. I just love to cook and am ALWAYS looking for good recipes from other cultures that I can try. I seen that you are making cupcakes too the other day, way to go. I am obsessed with cupcakes. I am going to be making some carrot cake cupcakes soo but I know mine wont be near as pretty as yours. You must have alot of patience. Take care. I might not comment often because of my phone but I always read. =)

        1. Hi Christi, Ah did you mean that! Oh yes in California we ate Mexican several times…yummy!!!
          Don’t worry that you don’t have the time to comment, I’m already very happy to know that you follow me and read my posts 🙂 Really appreciate it!! Oh yes the cupcakes, strangly I’m not a very patient person (I would say the opposite)…but when it comes to cupcakes I become very patient… Sounds good carrit cake cupcakes…let me know how they were ok? Thanks…. Oh and you might like my post tonight 😉
          Take care, Leti

  2. OH!! I Hear you, I love italian food, and chinese and indian and so many other cuisines. Just rediscovered a love for mexican food, after a trip to San francisco.. Good to hear you have great options in Italy too Letizia!!

    1. Oh wonderful San Francisco….would love to go there 🙂 I had some great Mexcian food in San Diego as well…logical right? 😉 The options here are not too many, but better than nothing 🙂

  3. It is the same on this side of piemonte, We have a Chinese restaurant near here but the food is very very salty.

    It is Italian or Italian here.

    When I fly to the UK I binge on Indian, Chinese and Thai.

    1. 🙁 so sad… I know we shouldn’t complain but you know once every now and then…. In Amsterdam I have my favorite Thai restaurant…and fortunately my Mexican just around the cornere 😉 Take care!

  4. I like Mexican, we don’t have the greatest of Mexican restaurants in our region but I am much more partial to Italian and Thai and we have plenty of choice with those two. When we were in Europe we craved Asian flavours after a couple of weeks and found a wonderful Vietnamese restaurant in Munich, we ate there twice and loved it.

    1. I also love Thai food. I have my favorite Thai restaurant in Amsterdam…but unfortunately I can’t go there as often as I would wish! And well Italian food….I can’t complain I’m not eating that enough 😉

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