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Lately I’ve been having some ideas for new challenges in my life. One of these ideas is giving workshops on the making and decorating of cupcakes as I announced in my post last week. Another idea is to get more into food photography as I also told you already in an earlier post. In July I will follow a course in The Netherlands with the Dutch photographer Simone who makes absolutely gorgeous photos! I really can’t wait…. So I started thinking that I would love to have a blog dedicated to recipes and cupcakes only. I’m not yet there, but the ideas in my mind keep me busy 24/7, I can tell you that!

And then there are some other ideas, which I would love to share, but I’ll wait until everything is more clear. So hopefully that will be soon. Due to all these ‘things’ that are still a bit unclear but occupy time anyway, I decided to reduce my posts (again…I’m so sorry!!) and write only the Sundays! This, to give me a bit more space and time to work out the rest. I’m definitely not planning to stop my posts about the unknown Italy here on Dutch goes Italian, so no worries! I’ll just write a bit less… and I might change the site a bit over time. Obviously I’ll keep you updated….

Hope you all understand and continue with the support you’ve been giving me for the past year and a half. You guys are truly the best!!!

Ciao, Letizia

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  1. Let me be the first to wish you all the world of success as you branch out to new horizons. You know we await your work with excitement! Enjoy yourself! I know good things are in store for you! Ciao bella! Sharon

  2. Good for you, it’s great to have these dreams and ambitions. I think posting once a week is an admirable effort and it’s more or less what I’ve found to be a comfortable amount. The great thing about this blogging business though is that you can come and go as you please, and your followers will always welcome you back and look forward to your posts whenever you have time to do them. The food photography course sounds excellent, I wouldn’t mind doing something like that some time, I hope you really enjoy it and come away from it inspired!

    1. Hi Lorna, thank you so much for your nice comment. It’s always a battle between having the time to blog and not disappointing my followers…hope you are right and you’ll all come back always 😀 About the course, I’ll post about it for sure, but I can’t imagine to not be inspired having seen her photos… I believe it’s important to realize your dreams so just give it a go Lorna… 😉 Take care!

  3. Cupcakes sound yummy Letizia :)Posting once a week on Sundays is what I’ve ended up doing. With so much on the go, full time work that I often bring home, travel to the US to teach workshops, teaching yoga at the gym, cooking, blogging, keeping up with friends & taking care of mom, there doesn’t seem to be much time for else. I Completely empathize with of luck xoxo charu

    1. Hi Charu, thanks for the support!! Oh I totally understand why you ‘only’ blog once a week and to be honest with all you have to do it even seems a lot!! But here the same, full time job, social life, cooking, being sporty (sometimes, hahaha)…and all I still want to do, twice a week is too much…. How fun you teach yoga and you travel alot to the US…lucky you 😀

  4. How exciting! I’ll always be here looking forward to your posts and now I get to look forward to more gems from you! Best of luck! Hope it all works out 🙂

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