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NOTE: I’ll be on a short holiday in The Netherlands so my post of next Sunday will appear on Monday 22/07/2013!!!

Every year in July the town Varallo Sesia (Vercelli – Piedmont) celebrates summer with lots of markets stalls with plenty of typical food and crafts stuff, exhibitions and bands that play live music in the evenings. This event lasts all week but we thought to stroll around on this hot summer Sunday!! It’s fun so I thought to take you with me… will you come along??

Also for kids it’s fun!!

And for those who want to go for a swim….Varallo has it all.

Find out where Varallo Sesia is located:

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13 thoughts on “VARALLO’S YEARLY ALPAA”

    1. Hi, thank you so much. I would love to visit Abruzzo one day….never been there yet!! But this year we go to Calabria to my love’s family 😉
      But if I will visit Abruzzo I will definitely let you know, ok?! Ciao!

    1. Thank you so much Lorna!! It used to be a lot of local food and drinks but now they have from all over the world 😉 I had a blast back home in The Netherlands…I even had wonderful sunny weather…lucky me 😉

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