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Oh yes, I did it again….I participated in the (non-competitive….very important!!) swimming contest at the lovely Lago Maggiore!! Fortunately today was (and still is to be honest) a lovely, sunny and warm summer day, so perfect for a swim across the lake. And no, this year I didn’t forget my swim goggles and no I didn’t have any goosebumps (last year it was so cold!). I just felt ready to jump into the lake and swim to the other side…and so I did in (may I say only??) 34 minutes!! Wonderful as every year…

Did you see the bee???

Note: Next week no post on Dutch goes Italian as I’ll be on a holiday in the south of Italy, in Calabria!! See you all on Sunday the 15th of September!! Ciao…

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  1. I was thrilled to find your blog…and to read about your swimming adventure! Congratulations on your achievement! Your blog hits “close to home” for me! My parents immigrated to San Francisco in the 1950’s, but they grew up on the shores of Lago Maggiore in Ispra! I spent many happy summer vacations there and still feel like I’m home whenever I visit. My father’s family was originally from Angera, so I was there alot! But what I wanted to share with you was that my aunt swam the same route you did….but probably over 60 years ago! I’m not sure it was an organized event like yours back then, but my mom told me that it was quite an accomplishment! I have so many stories of my parents adventures growing up on the lake…and I love to hear each one of them! Now I have yours to read as well! Thank you for sharing stories about my beautiful Lago Maggiore!


    PS – I’m hoping to bring a small group to Piemonte, Lago di Como, and Lago Maggiore next year to show others this most beautiful corner of Italy!

    1. Ciao Barbara, how wonderful to hear your parents grew up around Lago Maggiore! Wow…this world is quite small isn’t it 😉 Angera is absolutely lovely just like many other towns around the lake! This means you know the lake very well 🙂 I’m happy to take you back via my blog so can enjoy it all year long ;). Do you also speak Italian?? I’ve never been to SF but it’s on my list for the next trip to California. Hopefully we’ll visit it in 2015…. 😀 I’ll let you know! And please let me know if you plan a trip here, we might meet!!
      Ciao, Letizia

      1. Hi Letizia,
        Italian was my first language, so I do speak it (even though my cousins in Italy tease me that I speak Italian with an American accent!). I still have lots of places to explore on Lago Maggiore – I hope to get to all of them one day! Every time I come, I try to go someplace new! The last time we took the Cento Valli train and went to Locarno! I, also, write a blog all about Italy – anything that sparks my interest! I’m always looking for new things to learn about. Currently, I’m trying to write about the places we’ll be visiting on our upcoming tour with some detailed information. If you have the opportunity, you can check it out:
        I have written a lot about Lago Maggiore! (as you can tell, I love Lago Maggiore!!! I affectionately call it “my lake”!) Ha! Ha!
        It’s been great meeting you and I look forward to reading all about “my lake”!! Thanks!
        Ciao 🙂

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