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Ok, Spring has officially begun (although it doesn’t really seem like it: grey sky and rain…) and that means it’s time for salad-season!!! Oh how I love that. Cold salads for lunch, tasteful salads for picnics outside in the grass or just as a side dish for dinner. Salads are the best. Obviously you have a thousands ways to prepare ‘springish’ salads, but I love to prepare them with barley (orzo)rice or farro! It’s healthy, filling and you can prepare it with all ingredients you love…

What are exactly the differences between these 3?
Barley –  is a cereal grain, member of the grass family and a staple in the Tibetan cuisine. It was one of the first cultivated grains and now grown widely. It is used in various ways, from animal fodder to a source of fermentable material for beer and from soups and stews to delicious spring salads!
Rice – is a cereal grain just like barley and the most widely consumed staple food for a large part of the world’s human population, especially in Asia! Also rice is used and prepared in various ways. In Italy the most famous preparation is the risotto. Fortunately my love is a fabulous risotto maker (risotto ai fungi, risotto radicchio e toma, etc…) so I eat that regularly. But again, I also love to use rice to prepare a cold rice salad!
Farro – is composed of the grains of certain wheat species. It is used especially in soups or salads even though you can also eat it just plain, but there’s no fun in that if you ask me. Farro is pretty popular here in Italy and I eat it at least once a week. In winter time I just add it to a vegetable soup for example and when the sun comes out and it getter warmer outside I love a farro salad with a few cherry tomatoes and tuna for example..You can also read my other post about farro by clicking here.
As you can see you can easily use all three ingredients to make a delightful salad by adding simply other fresh ingredients  and herbs you love!

Barley in the picture:
Rice in the picture:
Farro in the picture:
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