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There are 3 things you will find in every Italian kitchen: Pasta, peeled tomatoes (for a quick tomato sauce) and….Garlic!!!ย The Italian cuisine and garlic are inextricably linked, that’s for sure!!ย It almost never happens that we don’t have it at home and when it happens we obviously need it desperately for some kind of dish. Whether you make the tomato sauce for the pasta, a delicious bruschetta, oven baked potatoes, a peperonataย or a meat dish, you can or must use garlic…

Obviously not everyone is fond of garlic. Not even all Italians… My love for example loves the taste of garlic but rather not eat it as, well you know…the day after you don’t want to smell like garlic or have the feared bad breath! And I can’t blame him…So how can you avoid or at least minimize these negative consequences??
It’s quite simple actually. Don’t squash the garlic but use it only to aromatise your dish!! How? You peel the garlic clove but you don’t squash or mince it. For example, when you put a bit of oil in the skillet and heat it you add the (whole) garlic clove. To make sure the oil takes the aroma of the garlic you prick your fork in the garlic clove and scrub it over the bottom of the skillet. You will taste the aroma of the garlic but nobody will know the next day! The family where I stayed my first year in Rome taught me this little trick and I’m still thankful for it!
You can also just add it in the skillet with your vegetables or tomato sauce and take it out before you serve it. It will have the garlic taste but you won’t have the garlic breath later.

If you use it for the bruschetta or you want to add it in an olive tapenade for example the above doesn’t count, but in most dishes you can perfectly use garlic without worrying… Just try it and let me know!!



  1. Hi there.. it’s been a long time since I posted. Hope you are well. Things sure good here in Texas. I absolutely love garlic. I freak out when I get down to the last bulb. Lol. We eat it in everything. Let me ask you this. I know a lot of Americans put many different things in their tomato sauce but I only put tomatoes, garlic, & fresh parsley. How do you make yours? My husband hated spaghetti when err first met because he had only ever eaten the kind in the jar from the supermarket. He finally tried mine & now loves it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Christi, nice to have you back ๐Ÿ™‚ Also Dutch put a lot of stuff in their tomato sauce, but a simple tomato sauce doens’t need a lot. Instead of parsley I normally use basil…rest is the same ๐Ÿ˜€ Oh and the jars from the supermarket are just gross! Thank goodness he knows how to appreciate yours….hahaha

  2. Great photos. My sister and I use quite a bit of garlic. We always start a dish with a bit of olive oil and garlic in a pan and then ask everyone what they want to eat.. LOL

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