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Today started the MILANO FOOD WEEK… well obviously in Milan. For foodies Milan is the place to be this coming week!! Chefs present their culinary art, food programs on TV give live shows (like Unti & Bisunti), you can do courses like cake design, there will be an international food market, food and wine tasting in many different places, a cycle food tour in the centre of Milan and soooo much more. Some cost money and need a reservation but lots of of other fun food events don’t so you can just participate and enjoy for free!
Unfortunately during the week I can’t go due to work but tomorrow is Saturday so I’ll be going for sure!! I’m very excited to see how it will be and hopefully get inspired as well…but I’m pretty sure I will. I’ll definitely go to the international food market at the beautiful Castello Sforzesco. Can it get any better? Best location ever  for some foodie fun if you ask me!!
An update on my blog will follow this coming Sunday but tomorrow I’ll give you a sneak peek via the social media. So don’t forget to follow me via FB, twitter or Instagram!!!

Ciao ciao, Letizia

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