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Last Monday I was asked by Simone of Simone’s Kitchen to participate at the Blog Tour – Writing Process. As the name says it, it’s about the writing process behind the blog. Obviously I said yes because it’s an interesting part of a food blog or any other blog for that matter.
I got to know Simone almost 2 years ago when I did a private food photography workshop given by her. I admire her food photo’s a lot. Every time I see a photo on her blog it makes me want to eat it and that’s what food photography is all about.
This blog tour is about answering the following 4 questions and learn more about the writing process of a (food) blogger, so here we go:

  1. What am I working on?
    Not too long ago I decided to change my blog into a food blog. When I started my blog 2,5 years ago it was more about the unknown Italy: cities, events (mostly for locals), wine and food, etc. But more and more I wanted to share the deliciousness of the Italian cuisine with you and more and more I got curious about food photography. 2 years ago I decided to do a private workshop food photography. The following year I had almost no time, but somewhat about a year ago I spend a lot of my free time trying to become better in food photography. So I would say that I’m definitely working on transforming my blog in a food blog…
  2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
    Well that’s a difficult one!! With lots of amazingly good food blogs out there (which I admire and at the same time intimidate me a bit…) it’s hard to stand out. I tend to share very simple (mostly) Italian recipes. For those who didn’t know, I’m from The Netherlands but I live in Italy since almost 7 years. My Italian love, who is a brilliant home cook by the way, and I both adore Italian food so it’s what we cook most of the time. What “disturbs” me the most is when I see recipes who are said to be Italian but have nothing to do with Italian food you would eat in Italy. That’s why I want to share real Italian recipes on my blog. Italian dishes that Italian people eat! As both I and my love come home late during the week I want to share recipes that are also simple to prepare and won’t take hours of preparation. In the end only few people have all the time of the world to stand in the kitchen. Lucky them by the way ;). So I guess  that’s where I differ from other food blogs…
  3. Why do I write what I do?
    First of all because I love food and I’ve always loved photography. Combine the two and you have the ingredients for a food blog. But it’s more than that. Emigrating to Italy (and in these times of European crisis) means starting from scratch. I have a job but it’s definitely not my passion, but hey I can’t complaint because having a job is considered being very lucky! But I do miss a creative part in my job. In my blog I can be creative as much as I like!! And of course, I mentioned it in the second question, I feel the urge to share recipes that are truly Italian. So many people love Italian food, but to give you an idea: adding pasta to a dish doesn’t mean you get an Italian dish…!!
  4. How does your writing process work?
    Let’s say: work in progress! What I mean? Well, until now I usually post a recipe and add a bit of information about the recipe. I’m changing that. It feels so incomplete. Most recipes have a personal story to it. Not always very interesting or extraordinary maybe, but still.. a personal story. I want to share that as well. Having an Italian dad, so also lots of family in all parts of Italy, having lived in Rome for a year, living together with my Italian love and spending the summers with my in-laws in the South of Italy makes that I get my recipes from all different places, different settings and different Italian people. I think it can be fun to share more about that when posting a recipe.
    And then the writing process…well I just sit down (normally on the couch) open my blog and just start writing. Whatever comes to mind really. Photographing has more thought to it. You know Italian houses are all colored. Ours is yellow outside and inside! I love it but it’s disastrous for my photos! So I take photos outside if the weather is ok and at a friend’s house. I take photos of several dishes in one day so I prepare that in advance. I do always have a notebook with me and I write down what comes to mind, usually when I’m in the train (it’s my second home sitting in it 4 hours a day!!).

I’m passing the torch on to Bobbi of Bam’s Kitchen and Mimi of Chef Mimi Blog.
Bobbi focuses on healthy recipes from all around this world. She’s American but lives in Hong Kong now. She also loves Italian food and even wrote a guest post on my blog. I love her blog because it’s so diverse!
Mimi has many years of experience in the food industry… from personal chef to food writer and from teaching cooking classes to catering. She even wrote a cookbook. Her passion for food is obvious when seeing her blog!


  1. Cool Letizia! And i would love to read more about The stories behind the recipes. Especially in Italian cuisine I think there are so many! Will definitely check out yr two nominated blogs as well,

    1. Thanks Simone…hopefully the stories won’t be boring 😉 hahahaha. I’m having more fun myself in posts where I’m telling a bit more than just posting the plain recipe (even though I guess once in a while I will ;)) so that’s the most important thing I guess..

  2. Dear Letizia, thank you for the mention and your kind words. I am delighted to hear that you are going from a travel blog to a food blog. However, I hope that you continue to keep your adventures in Italy with a few photos. Your food photography is just gorgeous. Have a super day. BAM

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