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No posts for the upcoming 2 weeks as I will be enjoying the beach life 😀 !!
I will however update my social media pages like FB, twitter and Instagram, so if you want to follow my adventures in the South of Italy, you can via #calabria2014.
Hope to see you all back on my blog on Sunday the 6th of July!


2 thoughts on “A PRESTO!!!”

  1. Have a great holiday 🙂
    Do you know that here in the province of Pesaro and Urbino there are many Dutch tourists during the summer time (especially in the hinterland)? Have you ever been to Pesaro or in the Marche region?

    1. Thanks so much!! Actually I’ve never been there (or maybe when I was still a baby but I can’t remember that 😉 )… I didn’t know there were so many Dutch tourists there, how funny! Do you live there??

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