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It’s true, my dad makes the best stuffed eggs ever!! It’s not his own recipe but one from the Italian cookbook “Il talismano della felicità”, in other words The Talisman of Happiness. And these delicious stuffed eggs definitely give a moment of happiness. My dad makes them for years now. Every (birthday) party he presents them and everyone loves them. And me above all. They are really too good!!! Easy, tasty and can’t imagine any party without them!

Stuffed Eggs
Stuffed Eggs
* 6 eggs
* 100 gr. tuna in oil (canned)
* 6 anchovy fillets
* juice of 2 lemons
* 3 small pickles
* pepper

1. Boil the eggs until hard-boiled
2. Cut the eggs in half and take out the yolk
3. Cut the pickles in really small pieces
4. Cut the anchovy fillets in small pieces
5. Mix the yolk, tuna, pickles, anchovy fillets lemon juice and bit of pepper
6. Stuff the half eggs with the mixture

Buon Appetito! ♥
Stuffed Eggs

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