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The alarm goes off at 7.30am. It’s early for a Sunday morning, but I decided to go running and I prefer to do that early in the morning. There are fewer cars chasing around and I feel more free. And hey, normally I wake up a lot earlier so it almost seems like sleeping in late 😉 I try to go running also one time during the week but I find it much harder than the mornings, so the weekend is my preferred running moment. And after such a good start of the day I obviously prepare myself a good breakfast. One that gives me even more energy after running…a simple breakfast but really yummy and healthy…a true Kick Start!
You can put whatever you want in your yoghurt. Everything you like actually. This time I went for raisins, pear, oatmeal and some chia seeds. A delicious combination and the perfect start of the say.
What’s your greatest yoghurt breakfast? What’s your personal Kick Start?

Kick Start with yoghurt

For 1 person 
* yoghurt to taste
* 1 pear
* handful of raisins
* handful of oatmeal
* 1 tbsp chia seeds

Put all ingredients together in a small bowl

Buon Appetito! ♥

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