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Rome, the most beautiful city ever! Not only because of the beautiful monuments, the friendly Roman people or the peaceful parks in the city centre. Also because of the delicious food!! It just that the food tastes better 600km south. The sun does a great job let’s say 😉 We sure did enjoy our little trip these past couple of days!!

In 2007 I first set food in Rome. To live there for almost a year. I intended to stay there only 6 months, but Rome enchanted me. And so I stayed longer and never turned back to live in The Netherlands again. Rome made me feel at home. Nevertheless, I hadn’t been in Rome for 6 years. 6 years!!!! That means 6 years without pizza al taglio, without my beloved pine trees, without crowded metros and busses, without loads of tourists, without having the feeling to walk in an open-air museum and without the extraordinary good smells of Rome.
Finally I went back, this time with the love of my life. He also lived in Rome for a year (many years ago) so we immediately felt at home when the train arrived at the central station Termini. Recognition was for both the main feeling. For me after 6 years, for my love after 19 years!! Happy to get on to the bus 92 and to get off 10 minutes after close to my street Via Chiana. But also strange to drive the same road I did so many times years ago and walk in the same street that was so familiar to me.

Even though we’ve seen the highlights many many times while living in Rome, we still decided to see them again together this time. They’re highlights for a reason, right?! But with one extra this time: The Vatican Museums. And although it was extremely crowded it was worth visiting!
The other highlights are of course the Colosseo, L’altare della Patria (the Monument of Victor Emanuel II on the piazza Venezia), Foro Romano, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Navona, Campo dei Fiori, Il Pantheon, the Saint Peter’s Basilica and the Fontana di Trevi (the well-known fountain). We visited all of them, by foot, almost all on the first day! We were very enthusiastic 😉
The Trevi Fountain was a bit of a disappointment as it was being restored and so it didn’t even have water. Well, we did see it many times before and never without water, so well…
A must see is the extraordinary district called Coppede’. Not so known for most tourists, but close to where I lived and absolutely worth a stroll!

And then the food…che bontà!!! I missed the pizza al taglio ( pizza in little pieces) that you can get on every corner, so I definitely ate that! Also a ‘normal’ pizza on a night out. We enjoyed a Roman aperitivo close to the Campo dei Fiori. A happy, typical Roman lunch close to the Saint Peter’s Basilica was booked. And a healthy bite close to home is recommended!
Therefore I’d love to give you some tips (randomly) when visiting Rome and which are not so easy (or not at all) to find a tourist.
1. Hosteria – Pizzeria Dino & Tony – Via Leone IV 60 (close by the Saint Peter’s Basilica) – 06 39733284 – Closed on Sundays
It’s good to be prepared: the waiters do curse in a typical Roman way. I know, it doesn’t sound appealing but for those who understand the Roman dialect and know the Roman people it can be extremely funny. So it was for us 🙂 Furthermore, the food is delicious, typical Roman and oh…a lot!!!
2. La Pariolina – Pizza & Cucina – Viale Parioli 93 c/f – 06 8086002 – Reservation is recommended.
In the most elegant residential area of Rome, you will find this lovely place where to eat an excellent pizza. You can choose between the thick Neapolitan pizza or the thin Roman pizza. Both are delicious!!
3.  Caffetteria Bistrò SUSINA – Via Chiana 87A – 0685857162
Near the area Coppede’ you  will find this cosy bistro with dishes made of only organic ingredients. Healthy, lovely and yummy! I took the yellow pumpkin soup with pumpkin seeds and homemade crostini. So tasty!! Also, it’s charmingly decorated as you can see on the pictures. We went there for lunch but it’s also perfect for dinner!

Musei Vaticani:

Rome Colosseo
Rome ColosseoRome
Altare della Patria:
Rome Altare della Patria
Castel Sant’Angelo:
Rome Castel St Angelo
Villa Borghese:
Rome Villa BorgheseRome Villa Borghese
Rome Coppede'Rome Coppede'
Rome Coppede'Rome Coppede'
Rome Susina
Rome SusinaRome Susina
Rome SusinaRome Susina
Rome Susina

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