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Yesterday I’ve participated a foodphotography course in Milan. A great day with the foodphotographer Paolo Picciotti. It’s always fun learning new things and new people! And interesting to exchange thoughts and ideas on foodphotography. The course was lots of theory which is never a bad thing but I did miss the practice to be honest. I love to shoot and get immediate feedback so I guess that was the only thing I liked less of yesterday…

Even though it’s autumn in Italy, these days seem more like belated summer days. With over 20 degrees outside today and a nice sun that warms the house it’s an awesome day!! It fits this super summer smoothie perfectly! The sweet melon with the extremely healthy pomegranate (anti-aging effects, liver and kidney protection and Immune boosting, just to name a few..) and some mixed lettuce is absolutely a fabulous mix! Just a quick vitamin bomb to enjoy this sunny October day! And preparing me for next week when temperature will drop 😉

Summer Smoothie
serves 4

1 melon
2 pomegranate
2 handfuls of mixed lettuce
1 lt water

Cut the melon in pieces and seed the pomegranates. Put the melon and the pomegranate in a blender and add water. Mix well. Add the mixed lettuce and mix well. ♥
Summer Smoothie

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