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And another week has passed. Already 19 weeks so almost half my pregnancy has gone by. And even though the first 3 months seemed to have taken ages, the last few weeks have gone by in no-time! And it seems that almost every week I get a surprise. And no, not always a nice one…
Best part of this week: getting ready for our trip to the States!!

How far along? 19 weeks
How many echoes until now? 5 (week 7, week 10, week 12,5, week 15,5 and the extra one at 17,5)
Expected date of delivery? October 24
Total weight gain? 3 kilo / 6.6 pounds
Gender? Boy
Name? Nope
Belly button in/out? Still in and really hope it stays that way…
Stretch marks? no and again really hoping it stays that way!
Sleep? I’m sleeping ok but I can’t sleep on my back anymore even though it was my favorite position. I guess it has to do with the fall last week. My back hurts like hell when sleeping on it.
Typical pregnancy symptoms? No
Maternity clothes? I have only one ‘normal’ jeans left and even though I can’t close it properly anymore I’m still wearing it. And some t-shirts…the rest are maternity clothes!
Food cravings? No and I guess I’m not going to have any.
How to keep fit? Walking (every day) and swimming (on Sunday – 60 laps).
Baby’s movement? I’m not really sure if I’m feeling my little boy at night or it’s just my stomach/my’s feels ‘bubbly’ sometimes..
Baby’s room? First going to the States!
Baby’s gifts? This week I got another beautiful romper.
Surprises during pregnancy? I might have gestational diabetes (HELP) so Monday I need to take other blood and urine tests and if I have again a super high level of glucose in my urine I need to go to the diabetologist as soon as I’m back from our trip. I’m so hoping I don’t have it!!!
pregnancy week 19

8 thoughts on “PREGNANCY – WEEK BY WEEK #19”

  1. O, ik hoop dat je die diabetes niet hebt. Weet niet precies wat gestational diabetes is maar ik denk iets met zwangerschap? ik zal voor je duimen en have fun in the US!

    1. Hoi Simone, nee ik hoop het ook echt niet! Morgen bloed laten prikken en urine laten testen en dan weet ik eind van de week mogelijk iets meer….Eerst mijn schildklier nu dit….pfff hoop nu verder een onbezorgde zwangerschap te hebben! Extra genieten dus in the US! 😀
      En oja gestational diabetes is inderdaad zwangerschapsdiabetes..

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