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Oops I skipped a week…a busy weekend last weekend and an even more busy week this past week with lots of train delays (I can’t wait till my maternity leave just so I don’t need to take the train anymore!!). This means I went from week 24 to week 26 (yesterday)! How time Already 26 weeks or 6 months. Last week we started looking for a stroller. We are liking one in particular but we first want to see others before making our final decision.
Still feeling great so let’s go with the update!!
Best part of the past 2 weeks: getting a special gift for our little one and seeing my niece and nephew from the Netherlands!
week 25:
pregnancy - week by week
How far along? 26 weeks and 1 days
How many echoes until now? 7 (week 7, week 10, week 12,5, week 15,5, week 17,5, week 19,5, week 23,5)
Expected date of delivery? October 24
Total weight gain? 6 kilo / 13,2 pounds
Gender? Boy
Name? Didn’t think about it these past 2 weeks so we still got our 2 favorites
Belly button in/out? Still in!
Stretch marks? not yet!
Sleep? Still sleeping well, only on the sides now.
Typical pregnancy symptoms? Nope..
Maternity clothes? definitely!
Food cravings? Still no cravings..
How to keep fit? The past week walking every day as I’ve noticed swollen ankles in the week before. I hadn’t been walking all week due to the hot weather. This past week I started walking again every day and have no swollen ankles anymore!! Swimming on Sunday (last week 76 laps, today+yesterday 86 laps)
Baby’s movement? Most of the time! Morning and evening and also during the day. I don’t feel him at night anymore…
Baby’s room? We going to the store next week! Hopefully we find everything we need..
Baby’s gifts? My sister-in-law gave us a handmade woolen cardigan from Peru. Beautiful!!
Surprises during pregnancy? A good one…I found out I can put on a CD with my favorite music during  delivery! I love the idea so I’m going to think about some relaxing music!! 😀
pregnanacy - week by week

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