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After weeks of extreme heat here in Italy, working 5 days a week and being pregnant 27 weeks, Friday I decided not to go to work. Not because I didn’t want to, just because I absolutely needed a break. I hadn’t sleep at all the night before, had cramps in my belly and was extremely tired. So I slept all morning and didn’t do that much the whole day. I so needed it!! This weekend has been all about relaxing. Relaxing at the lake on Saturday and relaxing by making a DE-LI-CIOUS quiche today! I’m all filled up to start the working week again tomorrow…
Quiche in summer is equally perfect either for lunch or dinner if you ask me. I ate it for lunch and my love ate what remained for dinner as he was on a hike in the mountains today! (sooooo sad I couldn’t join him!) It doesn’t take that much time to prepare it but if you really have no time at all, you can also prepare it one day ahead and leave it in the fridge over night. It will taste as yummy as made on the same day I will assure you that.
Today a quiche I hadn’t make before, ever. And that’s always risky as it can turn out to be a big disappointment. But this one was as good as I would have expected it to be. In summer I always love a simple salad with tuna, onions and tomatoes so I used that salad to inspire me for this quiche. And it definitely turned out to be a fabulously good quiche!
So hop in the kitchen and make this easy quiche with pomodoro and tuna! You will looooooove it ♥
Summer Quiche with Pomodoro & Tuna
Summer Quiche with Pomodoro & Tuna
Serves 2-4

1 whole wheat puff pastry
250 g fresh goat ricotta
3 eggs
3 red onions
1 big tomato cuore di bue
160 g tuna (canned, in water)
olive oil
salt, pepper

Preheat the oven to 180ºC (350ºF).
Cut the onions into thin rings and wash them in water (this helps to avoid that the flavor of the onions dominate!). Put a bit of olive oil in a skillet and leave the onions to simmer until they become translucent. Let them cool down completely.
In a large mixing boil, place the ricotta, eggs, tuna (without water),onions, salt and pepper (to taste) and combine until all is mixed.
Cut the tomato in slices.
Place parchment paper in a round quiche tin and place the puff pastry in it. Add the ricotta mixture and put the tomato slices on top. Add just a bit of oregano on top of the tomatoes.
Bake for 25-30 minutes.

Buon appetito! ♥
Summer Quiche with Pomodoro & Tuna


    1. Thank you so much Mimi!! Oh yes…I see it almost as a privilege to be able to get whole wheat puff pastry just at a supermarket 😀

  1. Looks and sounds yum. Do you have to use goats ricotta, it is nothing easily available here. That is definitely a recipe that I could easily make. Hope all is well with you and baby.

    1. Hi Sam! No it’s not necessary to use goats ricotta. Any ricotta is perfect…goats ricotta has a bit more of an “outspoken” taste, but is also a bit more caloric to be honest then normal cows ricotta!
      Me and little creature are doing perfect 😀 Thank you so much!

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