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Today is my third day being at home on maternity leave and I’m enjoying it to the fullest! Not that I’m lying in my bed till late or anything…not at all. I’m up pretty early instead enjoying the day that is ahead of me. Today I even took the train! Not kidding!! I needed to go to the hospital in Novara for some regular blood tests so I just took the train early as I’ve done till a few days ago. It was fun as I didn’t need to stress about being on time getting the next train and going to work. It makes all the difference!
I also have time to think about and better, trying new recipes. And that’s so much fun. I actually have time for it…no rush whatsoever. I know in forehand I’m so going to miss this quiet me-time at home :D…
That’s why I wanted to treat you on an extra recipe this week. Because it’s yet another super easy to make, super tasty one: Caprese Sandwich. You have it on the table in no time and it’s sooooo good! And of course it’s both pregnant and gestational diabetes proof! Enjoy your lunch 😀
Red Pesto
Caprese Sandwich
serves 2

For the pesto:
5 pomodori secchi
10 basil leaves
handful pine nuts
4 tsp oil (from the pomodori secchi)
For the sandwich:
4 slices whole grain rye bread
1 mozzarella
1 big tomato (cuor di bue)

To make the pesto: just put all ingredients in a blender and blend well. It’s not necessary to be completely smooth by the way!
Cut the mozzarella and tomato in thin slices.
Take 2 slices of whole grain rye bread and spread some pesto on it. Put 2 slices of both the mozzarella and tomato on one slice of bread and cover it with the other slice. Do the same for the other 2 remaining bread slices.
Head the grill pan and grill the sandwiches for 2/3 minutes on both sides. It’s as easy as that..
Buon Appetito! ♥
Caprese Sandwich

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