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I skipped last week’s pregnancy update just because not much had happened during that week. Not that a lot happened this week. I guess I’m in an easy and quiet phase now. And I enjoy it!! My belly is growing even though I’m not really gaining much weight. The important thing is that our little boy is growing fine and it seems he is. We will have a new ultrasound coming thursday so then we can see him again and see how he’s doing. But I’m confident he is ok as I’m feeling really good. I’m also curious if he has changed position, but I’m pretty sure he hasn’t! Will let you know next week!
I started swimming again as the indoor pool is open again. Besides that it’s obviously good for me to swim it also gives me some routine during the week. Since the maternity leave I have noticed that I like to have routine during the week. So I’m now going twice a week. If I may say so, I think I’m in a pretty good shape for being almost 8 months pregnant! 😀
Since last Wednesday I’m also attending a weekly pregnancy course in the hospital. The first meeting wasn’t that great. We have talked mostly about the first trimester of the pregnancy and obviously I have past that some months ago 😉 Hopefully we will soon start to talk more about the delivery as I have only 6 weeks left! We’ll see…
Best part this past week: positive news from the diabetologist and getting back swimming!

How far along? 34 weeks
How many echoes until now? 8 (week 7, week 10, week 12,5, week 15,5, week 17,5, week 19,5, week 23,5, week 29,5)
Expected date of delivery? October 24
Total weight gain? 7 kilo / 15 pounds
Gender? Boy
Name? noooooo….help!
Belly button in/out? Happy to say it’s still in 🙂
Stretch marks? not one!
Sleep? Sleeping is a bit more difficult. I wake up a lot during the night. And I’m most comfortable sleeping on my back even though they told me during the pregnancy course it’s better to sleep at a side. But I’m really not comfortable on my side, so I usually turn on my back anyway!
Typical pregnancy symptoms? Harder to sleep, bad memory, need to slow down with pretty much everything.
Maternity clothes? yep!
Food cravings? No, no cravings.
How to keep fit? Walking and I swum 70 laps twice this week. Powerrrrr!
Baby’s room? Slowly getting the room done, but we still haven’t finished it completely.
Baby’s gifts? My friend made a beautiful blanket. My mom made some lovely bed sheets and I bought our little miracle his first baby album!
Surprises during pregnancy? The diabetologist is very positive. He said I’m doing just fine. I must continue the diet but I don’t need to see him anymore before the due date!
Pregnancy - week by week

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