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I’m back from a little break. Last couple of weeks have been all about my family. It was very hot every weekend so I wanted to enjoy my summer time with Samuele and Luca. We were practically every weekend at the outdoor pool at the lake. Just perfect to get your mind off of work and have some quality time with my two favorite boys. So no time for photos and recipes. We all need some time off right? Besides we have friends and family from the US and The Netherlands over so I wanted to dedicate time to them as well.
Today was the first day since a long time it was raining so it was ideal to get into the kitchen and ale some delicious food and of course photograph it.
Today’s lunch was a classic Italian one: Piadina. Originally from Emilia Romagna you can eat it practically anywhere in Italy. It’s a sort of flat bread, similar to a tortilla. We make it a home at least once a week. Just because it’s very easy and you can vary the topping as much as you like. So you never get bored…

Piadina with Speck, Rucola and Camoscio d’Oro
serves 4

6 piadina (in Italy they normally come in a package of 3)
12 slices camoscio d’oro cheese (similar to brie but a sweeter taste)
16 slices speck (I always use Alto Adige)

Heat a large skillet over medium heat. Place 1 piadina in the skillet and heat for 2 minutes. Turn around to heat the other side for a minute. Put 4 slices of speck on the left side of the piadina. On top 2 slices of camoscio d’oro (or any other cheese you like!). On top a handful of rucola (rocket salad/arugula). Fold it over on its filling and cook for 2 minutes on each side. Serve immediately.

Enjoy! ♥
Piadina Speck. Rucola & Camoscio d'oro


  1. And this is why Italian cuisine is so perfect – it’s simple yet bursting with fabulous flavors! I’ve enjoyed speck a lot, and have enjoyed the area of Alto Adige, but I need to find that cheese!

    1. Totally agree with you Mimi. It’s its simplicity that makes the Italian cuisine so extraordinary! The cheese is a bit like the French Brie but sweeter. Hope you can find it. Otherwise next time when you’re in Italy 😀

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